The people we help are just like you, they are construction worker professionals, who have retired or have found themselves in need of assistance for some reason.

This could be down to illness, accidents at work or some other reason.

We help veteran construction workers maintain their dignity and independence in trying circumstances.

Meet some of the people that our community helps.


John is a retired Civil Engineer who has spent 51 years working on construction sites up and down the country, finally settling in his native Arizona in 2007.

We have helped John with assistance for vital repairs to his home, which was in a very bad state of dilapidation.

Poor eyesight and other deteriorating health conditions have made it hard for John to continue to carry out his own home maintenance and our community’s grant has meant he has been able to remain in his own home.

John says;

“Without the invaluable assistance from the Tucson community I would have been unable to stay in the apartment that I love, as I couldn’t afford the upkeep.”


Edward worked all his life as a bricklayer, before graduating on to becoming a site foreman.

He spent thirty-three years working in Tucson construction, until a workplace accident resulted in a slipped disc and he was forced to retire early in 1993.

Edward did not enjoy the isolation that being at home all day brought and struggled with depression and loneliness.

With the help and assistance from our community, he has been able to access social support.

He is now a regular at our monthly community meet ups and a whizz on the dancefloor at our annual dinner dance!

Edward says;

“I really enjoy the get-togethers and the chance to get out and about that the community social events give me. They havse given me a new lease of life and motivation to meet new people.”


Janet was married to Bill, who was a construction worker, holding various positions on construction sites for more than forty years.

When Bill sadly passed in 2005, Janet struggled financially.

Fiercely independent, Janet was loath to ask for any assistance.

However, our outreach team of community volunteers identified her as someone needing support and we were very happy to be able to help.

Janet says;

“I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone at the Tucson community for all the help and support they have provided over the years.”